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My wife started on Xanax--which is an anti-anxiety, not anti-depressant, drug--a few months ago, but has since quit it. When she first started it, the pain was greatly reduced, but she also had general fatigue. The pain reduction aspect of it lasted 2-3 weeks, so the dosage was increased. The pain level did not change, but her ability to deal with it was greater. The fatigued feeling went away in a couple of days. If you are looking for a sleep aid, I'd recommend Ambien. She has taken this (nearly) nightly for 5 months, with no reduction in its ability to get her to sleep. It wears off in 4-6 hours, with no hangover that you might get from a muscle relaxant like Flexeril or Soma. She has taken, at the same time, under doctor supervision, flexeril and Xanax, with no ill effects. If and when you do quit the Xanax, do so gradually, as a cold-turkey approach will lead to the shakes and anxiety.
If you do go to a true anti-depressant, the pain doc recommends Lexapro, as it does not have the side effects common to others like Prozac, etc. Some folks have told us Prozac helped with their migraines.

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