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My wife had the same response to the Xanax when she first went on it. She was taking .5 mg twice a day. After 3 days her body grew used to it and the fatigued feeling stopped. When the pain relief from the Xanax stopped, they increased the dosage to 1 mg twice a day. She continued that for about 2 months, and did not feel like it was doing anything to help her so weaned herself off of it by taking .5 mg twice a day for a couple weeks, then .5 mg once a day for about a week, then done. She then tried Klonopin which was no help, and is starting Lexapro. If you can get through the first few days of the Xanax, and it helped a little with the pain, I'd ride it out for a few weeks to help you get to your TMJ appointment with some relief. She said weaning herself off it the way she did was very easy. Only one anxiety attack early.