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Your neurologist is probably correct in saying that you have not been able to reach a therapeutic level in any of the meds you've tried. Anti-convulsants and anti-depressants do need to build up in your system to be effective. Since a side effect for you seems to be depression, have you tried any of the seratonin savers? Such as Lexapro in the am and Lorazapan in the pm to offset this side effect. I had some depression with Neurontin and Lexapro/Lorazapan helped with that. My neuro is big on taking almost all of your medicine at night,especially when just starting one. Except for Lexapro I took everything before bed. He said I would sleep through most of the side effects and I did. Now I do take Neurontin 3x's a day, but in the beginning it was all at night. I do understand your concern about methadone and its addictive quality. I've heard people say they take Actiq sparingly for acute pain and it is quite effective.

Have you Capsaicin Candies or cream? Another thing maybe worth investigating is
PNS (Peripheral neurostimulation) implants. This is gaining a lot of popularity in pain management. Would probably be great for you since you are having problems with meds and side effects.
have you had an MRI done? If they do one and see compressed nerve endings, surgeons can repair that with a MVD operation.
Also , if you are peri-menopausal or dose or hormones might be in order.
hope you got into your doctor by now.
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Thanks for your advice, Ann. PNS would not be effective, because this is not peripheral nerve pain - it's central (phantom pain). Therefore, no surgery would be effective either. I will ask my doctor about the Lexapro and Lorazepam idea. That really makes sense. I too try all my meds at night, which may help with side effects like nausea, etc., but the depression is something that seems to build up over time and then hits big time in about a week or so.

Brenda, I really feel for you. I too am 46 and have been healthy in every other respect. It is very difficult to understand how something like this can happen and for there to be no solution. I have five children at home, and it kills me not being able to be the mother to them that I have been.