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First of all, I'm 17 years old, I've been sick since I was 13, infact, on January 8th, it will be 4 years. It all started on Dec. 18th of 98.. i got cold.. no big deal right? Until the 26th, it was just cold symptoms,then the 26th i was cold, and shakey, that night i slept on the floor cuz i couldnt get comfortable. The 28th, we went to the doctor.. she looked down my throat and said i had bronchitis, without doing a throat culture or anything. I got a shot, and antibiotics. For the next 3 weeks, still had the same symptoms.. the first week of January, i came home everyday from shool, cause i was either dizzy, lightheaded, or had headaches. Then the worst day of my life came.. January 8th, 1999. I was walking in the mall with my mom, and my left knee started to hurt. We went to the doctors, she sent us to get a blood test, and x-rays, which later came back negative. A week later, I was in the ER, cause my body was throbbing, which i thought was the worst feeling ever, boy was i wrong! So 4 years later.. I have constant pain in both legs, 24/7, it never goes away. Its from my waist down to my ankles, my feet dont hurt though. Every couple months, the pain gets worse, and last for 2-3 months then goes back to the normal pain. Well, January 25th, 2002, i got worse pain, and it hasnt gone back yet. My whole body is hypersensitive, my legs to the touch of a kleenex. When people hug me, they know not to do it too tight, cause it will hurt. Ive been to over 50 doctors, had 22 blood tests, 2 EMG tests, a bone scan and 6 MRIs, right now im going to 2 of the best doctors in southern california. One is an MS specialist and ones a Infectious Disease Doctor. The ID doctor has over 5000 active patients, in over 13 different states, and they both pretty much told me they dont know what else to do. Theyre not so much trying to find a diagnosis, but theyre trying to treat my symptoms..since september, ive been on, Carbatrol, Tegretol, Zonegran, Lamictal, Nortriptyline, Lexapro, and Sinequan. Some i had to stop cause of side effects, but none worked. Like I said, I'm 17, and everyone says Im every mature for my age. Everyone thinks im so tough, but inside, i'm so scared, its unbelievable... some nights ill just cry myself to sleep cause the only relief of pain i have is pain meds and at my age, or any age, i dont want to have to take pain meds to feel a little temorary relief. I just said something about pain meds and my age and i get so mad when other people do that! Pain doesnt have an age. Next Friday I go to another new dr.. shes at the pain center.. i think its just alternatives insead of pain meds... im not willing to try biofeedback, i just dont believe in it. After that dr.. We're going to the Mayo Clinic. We're going to the one in Arizona. I really think this all started with the cold or whatever it was i had.. it just kinda led into it. But, who knows? If youve heard of something simalur, please, let me know. Thanks.

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