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My grandmother is currently seeing this therapist whom has her on all these medications...well my whole family and I know she is addicted and when she overdoses on them she becomes violent, cruel, unstable, and we have told her dr's this over and over again however he will not take her off of any of them because she lies to him and tells him she's not overdosing and that we are lying. It got as bad one time that I had to call the cops out because she went after my mohter!!!!!! She has over medicated herself..even the police saw it! still he wont take her off of them..I'll list the meds below so PLEASE tell me what you think I should do! We need serious help! Ambien is the main cause of all of this i think!! (sleep aid..which is the MAIN cause of all of this..she has become dependant and theres a new baby coming into the house soon and she is can't be around a baby when she falls over everything..talks out of her head..etc)

Her Meds:


Thats all I can think off the top of my head but that dr prescribed EVERYONE of them to her!!! I need help..we cant handle her anymore!