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I am a 33 year old that had a repair of the aorta 4 years ago (narrowing aorta replaced with tube). I also have a mild leak in the aortic valve (bicuspid) but they left it alone since it wasn't severe. I found this out because I was having symptoms of chest pressure in combination with head pressure, especially around the eyes and forehead. Yet, they said the problems I had shouldn't be the reason for my symptoms. These symptoms are nothing severe, just nagging. It comes and goes, and still does even after surgery. This time, I've gone 6 months (longest stretch ever) with these symptoms. Recently, I get more skipped heart beats. I've had all the recent tests: Brain and chest MRI, echo, ekg, blood work, etc. Apart from a leaky valve, the docs say that I'm normal and that the symptoms aren't due to anything that they've seen. The blood work did show a positive Lupis screen, but was proven false positive later. They thought allergies, but never sent me to an allergist, just gave me flonase, which didn't do anything for me after a couple weeks use.

Now they want to give me Lexapro for low-level anxiety they say could be causing the symptoms. I don't want to take it due to the side effect of heart racing.

Right now I take 50mg Atenelol and 5mg prinivil for blood pressure.

If anyone else has chest and head pressure that was difficult to relate to anything specific, please let me know.