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[QUOTE=winged phantom]Hey Lisa! and Lea and Nanner!

I've been absent for a long time... and now I'm not able to sleep. :yawn: Well, totally unrelated events, but you know how it goes! :rolleyes:

Lisa, you and I and everyone else here knows it's not just in your head, and any MRI you have should be with contrast, I think. Isn't that how they do them for us Spineys with hardware? I haven't had another one yet; just a whole host of x-rays, though. Whatever... if ever you have more MRI's or if anyone asks about implants, I think you should say "yes" unless it's proven later that there really is nothing there.

But that's beside the point... I can't help with the medical stuff, but I am concerned about the depression; certainly understandable! Are you on any antidepressants? If so, is it working? Is it time for a reevaluation? Don't wait until you are really down and out... I'm on the plain old tricyclic desipramine. #1- it's supposed to help nerve pain, #2- I've been on it before and it works pretty well for me with few noticeable side effects, #3- I tried Paxil and felt totally brain dead on it and had a hard time getting off it (had to do it 1/8 of a tablet at a time); even amitriptyline, another of the tricyclics, made me brain dead.

That's wonderful news about the soap making business! :bouncing: I know that is one other thing that has been such a concern; your career future. I, too, wish there was some way you could get some to us... :p Stranger things have happened, though...

Hang in there... It's a hard row to hoe... But you are not alone.
wr :wave:

Hey Wing,

You always offer such wonderful uplifting words of support. Yes, I am on antidep.....Lexapro.

As far as MRI w/ contrast, yeah, I know what I should have, but getting that igmo doctor to order it is quite another thing. I think the mylogram will be quite telling tho dont you?

The bath and body line that I am developing is going to be quite outstanding. Today we did Blackberry Sage.....mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm yyyymmmmm and hubbbbbahubbbbba on top of that. I am going to do the lotions, and potions and scrubs and massage balms and the lip balms etc in co ordinating fragrances. My house smells wonderful!!! And you know, I actually had a thought the other day (gasp!!!), I thought about putting a blurb on my stuff and finding a decent, honest organization, and donate 10% of the proceeds of my sales to spinal cord injury or research or some such. Seeing as how thats what got me into this new potential business, I think its only fittin' , dont you?

Anyway, thanks for the lift, you are a blessing.