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I have been taking 10mg Lexapro for about 5 months for mild depression. have had NO weight gain or other side effects thus far. Does anyone else on the BOARDs take this antidepressant. If so, what is your opinion? Lexapro was approved about a year ago. It may be a solution to people who gain weight from Paxil, etc.
Hi, Sorry I can't be of any help to giving you any information on Lexapro but since you are on a small dosage maybe you won't experience any side effects and hopefully it won't effect your weight. I currently take xanax and celexa and they haven't caused me to gain. I just eat way to much, well did eat way to much. I was on paxil for four years and it may have caused my weight to stay the same even when I was trying to lose it but I'm not for sure. Take Care
I also take lexapro and my dr says it has little or no side effects. i have taken several other antidepressants and this is the best one so far.