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Quote from pammallo:
Hi Linda,
It`s been a long time, I`m not sure what the next step is going to be. What I do no is that the [ain doc is trying to get me in with a PT with knows about RSD we hope that happen the frist of the year.The meds I`m taking now are Vicodin, Neurontin,Amitriptylineand the DR what`s me to start withLexapto.
Yesterday I had another painful day I was ready for the ER.But on the news they talked about the hospitals sending people away because of the flu. So I just kept taking my Vicodin.Today it`s alittle better.
The last two blocks I`ve gotten didn`t work that well at all.I just don`t know what to do.I go back on Jan 7 so I and to wait and see.Are you taking anything for depression???Also did you stop smoking or start up again???

Have a great day

Hi Pam,
Just wanted to let you know, I think you are talking about lexapro which is an
antidepressant on the order of celexa----It's not in the same category as
elavil--- A suggestion---Don't take it at night--It may keep you up. It's a good drug and should not put pounds on you like elavil or the anti seizure drug
neuronton. Takes about 3 weeks to kick in.

A PT that knows about rsd/crps can make all th difference so make sure because if they don't they can actually do more harm than good. ---The massage, the wrapping, and the quality of exercises all help to keep movement.
let us know how you do. By the way I got a PT specifically for my hand
and he mad it possible for me to wrap it myself with the use off a self adhering gauze called cobam which I use on my fingers and thumb and ace bandages
for the rest of the arm 45min twice a day to cut down on swelling --any more
and you risk the fingers stiffening.----Wishing you much less pain- Susie L