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Hello Everyone,

I have not been on in quite a while but I am fighting to keep up the energy to finish this letter today. I have made several attempts in the last few weeks to look for some guidance and some help. I was wondering if I am all alone in this fight against this monster a little while ago and the thought of this board and all of its wonderful members came to mind, and I swear I am going to finish this letter.

My problem is all this medicine, and the way it makes, and does not make me feel.
For starters I am on 3200 mg Neurontin 800 x4, 20mg x4 Kadian; 20mg x4 Oxycodone, 75 mg Amitriptyline, 8 mg Tizanidine, Catapres- TTS 1 (patch) all for the pain itself and then one Lexapro 20 mg each morning to wake up and Remeron 15 mg Soltab at night to go to sleep. I don’t think I missed any of them.

I feel like a stinking Zombie. Day in, and day out. It’s been like this for the better part of a year. Well Last weekend I reached the end of my rope. The depression got so bad that I did not have the energy to take my meds… so I didn’t. (Not the smartest choice I have ever made) It started an out of control spiral that kept going down. It got real bad, if not for God, my wife and her stubbornness (and loving support) I don’t know if I would be here today.

That being said here is the questions.

Has anyone else reached the point where you just don’t want to take anymore medicine?
The Doctors just keep bumping up the dosages and there seems to be no improvement, if anything it seems like its getting worse, spreading to the other arm.
Is there any advice for some alternative medicines or therapy or something that has helped you… even a little?
I am open to any suggestions.

Thank you for that “shoulder to cry on” and I hope to hear from you soon.

Yes I reached that point about 3 months ago now. I was a zombie. All I did ws lay on the couch and watched life go bye. I couldn't participate with anything in the house, go to any events with my children, couldn't really talk to them because even my speech was slurred.

I decided that I rather hurt then not be part of my family. My next doctors visit I told him how I felt and we began slowly removing me from medications. You can't just stop taking Neurotin or any of the drugs you named cold turkey without paying a huge price.

I am now on Effexor for depression and I have Percocet for only when I decide that the pain is too bad for me to bare. Most of the time that is when I find myself snapping at the kids or my family. I have taken few tablets over the past few months and YES I hurt every day BUT I am at least to particpate in their lives.

No, I can not do everything I was doing before this monster disease hit but I can at least do a load of clothes or a load of dishes and since I am not drugged all the time I can drive when I need to.

This was the right choice for me. If you decide to make this choice, PLEASE do it under your doctors care and slowly wean yourself off the medications. The Lexapro for depression shouldnt be a problem and stay on it is my recommendation.

At some point, I think we all have to take control of our treatment because there is NO cure for this monster. I lost my profession in medicene because I cant use my left hand and arm but I still feel I am blessed because I see everyday people that are so much worse then I am.

I hope this letter helps and I keep all on this board in my prayers.

Hopes and prayers,

Brighteyes ;)