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Hello Dan,

I started out on 0.25 at half strength and then took a whole pill. It worked fine but mad me sleepy during the day. What really helped was finding out I had sleep apnea which stopped most of the twitching and violent kicking. Later I was perscribed Lexapro for depression due to a broken leg and the kicking, twitching began again. I started back on the Merapex and almost immediately the kicking stopped. If your problems have not stopped then maybe your doctor needs to increase the dosage because it works well.
Thanks for the response. I also started off on the 1/2 .25 and now am trying the full .25. I also take Lexapro for OCD, and unless there's another SSRI that doesn't excaberate the PLMD, then I'm probably stuck with it.
It seems as though I take one medicine for one problem, which causes another problem, and then I take another medicine for that problem, which causes further problems......
Isn't that the truth! I take Lexapro, Merapex, zyrtec, arthotec, prilosec OTC and Lamictal for seizures. It wonder I am alive taking all these drugs.