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see, i saw a pm in cali at my parent's house but he didn't really say much, all he ever suggested was the blocks. i'm currently taking topomax, hydromorphone, baclofen, lexapro and ambien, then magnesium and potassium supplements. how do the pumps work vs the pain pills? i'm still pretty much in the dark when it comes to alternate methods of trying to relieve the pain besides the pills (which don't always work, or wear off before i can take another) and nerve blocks (the first one did get rid of my constant throbbing pain).

i know a lot of this stuff i just have to deal with, it just takes time.... i am getting my elbow straighter though. my boyfriend hates doing it, but i have him hold my arm out as straight as i can stand it for about 2 minutes after i do my strengthening exercises. and my wrist is getting more flexible as well. so i can't say i'm not improving at all, in that aspect i am.

i guess i'll bring a long list of questions with me to the doctor's tomorrow... i'll be there all day asking them!
well i had my appt. i brought up the fact of him just being just a regular doc. and not a pm and he still wants to treat me fully instead of sending me away and he said he's down to do like any procedure i want.

i was on the longer lasting morphine, i still have some actually, but it worked just as well as the shorter lasting stuff.... just gave me more side affects.

so in conclusion to today's appt. i'm gonna try going off the lexapro (anti-depressant) and start up on amitriptyline, which he says will also help with pain as well as work as an anti- depressant. and he wants to try me on namenda, which works on the nerves. that's usually for people with alzheimers, but we'll give it a shot! and i'm gonna go see a physical therapist specialist/doc down in tulsa in like 2 weeks that deals with us crazy people all time. ;)

sharon, with that pump... how do you get the meds? do you have an i.v in you or what?

my mom brought this to my attention today... have any of you all heard of a Dr. Rhodes? he's from Texas? he can supposidly put like anyone with rsd into remission or make them sooooooooooooooo much better like within 2-4 weeks. i have a website and phone number if anyone's interested...