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[FONT=Arial][/FONT]Hi, My name is Sarah and I'm 16 years old. I've been getting chest pains sense I was at least 4 yr.s of age. The pain feels sharp. It usually starts, to where my heart is, and the pain expands to the right side of my chest. The pain sometimes stays with me for about 5 mins, but lately I've been getting them numerous of times, and they end up lasting all day, easing off, then end up coming back. I've gone to numerous doctors, and all said the same thing, "There seems to be nothing wrong, her results show that she is a healthy young girl." Now that I'm 16, and still experience the pain more, I've asked my mother if she would take me to the doctors, and make them search further. To me, I believe that they didn't search hard enough, and I also believe that they should have given me at least a stress test to get some what of a result. On the 26th of May, I am supposed to get a echo gram. Hopefully they find nothing. My family doctor put me on lexapro, (20 mg.) and explains to me that it's just pains of anxitoty. But I've also explained to her, that the pain usually hits me, even if I'm in a good mood or feel relaxed and not high strung. That's when she tells me that it can come on, anytime.:dizzy:
I've stayed home from school so much, that I'm failing the 11th grade, for just this one thing. Should I see a psychiatrist? Should I keep making my doctor make appointments for me to see a specialist? Is it stress????