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:bouncing: Oh, you are an answered prayer. I thought I was crazy or dying all weekend. I know what the jaw pain is, but when it comes to dizziness and numbness I freak out. I just started back on lexapro this weekend as well. I was almost hysterical with fright, sure that it was a brain tumor or blood clot or my brain was swelling. Yesterday when I woke up it hurt to swallow behind my ear. Then I had major ear pain all day, I had to lay on a heating pad. I went to the dr today- no infection, he thinks it was eustachian blockage. Its better today, but I had a bad weekend. The numbness on saturday and most of sunday was what was freaking me out. I hate having anxiety/panic disorder.Thank you for responding. I have a dentist appt on June 14. I think its inevitable to have tmj when you have anxiety, so here we are suffering. Have you noticed that some doctors dont really acknowledge tmj symptoms as just that? I have not had an mri or ct scan yet but the ent wants to do ct scan on my sinuses only. I guess nothing that I have told the 3 docs I have seen makes them see a reason to do mri. Wow, thanks again for responding, it helps to know there are others who can relate.