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Hi Lia, yes I know your pain & your reaction to the meds. The first new anti-d they tried me on back last OCt. made me so sick I missed the last time of the year out on the boat, I thought I had the stomach flu. Then I read the side effects for lexapro & boy I had everyone of them.
Most meds that say they make you sleepy, make my husband hyper, so he does react opposite like you do. Some people do that. If it says it makes you sleepy, it makes me a zombie. That's horrible that you can't find any pain med to relieve your pain, I don't know how you do it day in & day out, I did for 3 months with my back last time & thought I'd go crazy or wanted it all to be over, one way or another.

My PT was OK today, he said I was doing the one execise wrong, was not supposed to be raising my hips off the floor so that is why I pulled something in my back. he told me to cut them down tonite, just do a few til the pain subsides, but says my hip is coming along good, much looser & says it's much better than last week.
Hey, I was looking thru the message board subjects on here, did you know there is a board for neuropathy? Did you ever visit it? Maybe they have some ideas that may help your pain.
My PT tried to give me a new exercise today, but I don't think i'm going to be able to do it. I have always had bad shoulder & neck pain, and he wants me to lay with my knees bent & then try to do a very slight curl, like a situp, I told him I cannot do it, now my neck &shoulders are all sore, soooooo tomorrow I shall tell him he can work on them next!!!
It's hard to prescribe therapy for someone who is falling apart at all ends! LOL
Tension always hits me square in my shoulders & neck, so they are sore most of the time!
We sure are a mess. AT least we know we're not alone.
That's sure a coincidence that your husband is one of 7, how many girls & boys?
There were 4 boys & 3 girls in my husbands, he was in the middle had 2 older brothers & an older sister, then him a younger brother & 2 younger sisters. The older sister died of alcoholism. All his brothers & sisters drink except him & his one younger brother, they are the only decent ones in the whole family. The others are worthless. His mom was the sweetest person, I often wonder how she had some of the worst kids.
His youngest sister who is 39 is still doing drugs, we had no idea, we thought it was a teenage thing & that she had quit years ago way before she got married. Well, the cops being called to her house when her hubby was trying to shoot her in the front yard, turned up all kinds of drugs & also 5 loaded guns in the house! See why we have nothing to do with some of them????
The younger brother of my husbands is the only other decent one so we dont' have much to do with the others if we can help it!!
You can't pick your family, but you CAN pick your friends!!!
I feel so lucky neither of my sons ever got into drugs or drinking, younger one was a loner & totally wrapped up in his computer & the other one was into sports all the time & still runs on weekends, so I feel so lucky. I think it's a horrible time to be raising kids now, I told my sons they have to keep a tight rein on them & know who they are with all the time. Luckily, my oldest grandson was old enough to understand about my husbands sister & the drugs & guns & he hates the sound of the word drugs. He also hates her. That's in their favor, he saw what a liar she was & how she deceived us all.
Oh I could write a book about his family, I always wanted brothers & sisters, but now I guess I can see that does not assure that you'll have a big happy family. I had one brother that died when I was 5 and then my mom couldnt' have anymore kids, so I was raised an only child & I think that is where some of my depression came from, I always envied my friends as most of them had brothers & sisters.
Anyway, got off on a tangent here, more on the family skeletons another time! LOL
Do you think you may have to cancel your trip? If you feel that bad, you shouldnt' have to go, if it's that painful, I sure wouldn't. i had to cancel my pdoc appointment as it's almost an hours ride each way & I can't do that right now.
Let me know if you get ahold of the doc tomorrow. I'll be checking in on you. I have PT at 3 pm. Do you follow the Laci Peterson case? I've been following it from the start. talk to you later, lori