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Dear Jdog:
I am a 45 yr old female who had a 3 level-fusion-front and back, done on 2 separate days. I have cadevar bone (because of the multi-levels)with BMP. The 2nd surg. they put in rods, screws and posts. They also opened up the nerve openings to relieve the pressure. I am one of the lucky ones. I had so much pain, but didn't want the surg. I finally realized that life just wasn't worth living in this kind of pain, day to day. So I went ahead with the surg and 4 wks out have no pain. They didn't give me a brace (maybe because I was on my back for the 1st 3) and this past week have started walking. I am now walking almost a mile. Walking is the very best for the fusion to take place. And time! I understand your anxiety. I finally broke down a month before the surg. and took Lexapro (anti-depressant). Partly, because of the way I was going down emotionally, but also they said that it helps with the pain. Something to do with the nerve endings. I didn't really notice a difference, I think the biggest relief came for me when I decided to have the sur. and accept it. Faith, hope and a positive attitude help! Good Luck and keep posting. This board is the very best