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Does anyone here have both trigeminal neuralgia and TMJ? I have had this for 9+ years, and right now it is the worst ever--can't talk, swallow, sip coffee without lighting striking my jaw/face. I'd be interested to hear of any treatment that has worked for anyone else with this. I went into a splint for the TMJ and was pain-free for almost 10 months--the longest ever--but it didn't last as I'd hoped. I see the orthodontist (he thinks the teeth are just moving and temporarily throwing my bite off again), an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, and my regular doctor. She is switching me from Tegretol to Neurotin. I also take Lexapro for the generalized anxiety caused by this never knowing when the pain will strike.
I still have plans for every evening this weekend--I hope they have some soup, cuz I haven't eaten anything solid in over a week. But I refuse to cave in to this and become a recluse. Usually my pain is a little better in the evenings, so we'll see how it goes. Let me hear from you.
well , I am told I have both. Ouch!

I wear a splint and take Neurontin and Lexapro.

I have only had this for about a year and a half though.

still very confused with the diagnosis. interesting - my pain is worse in the evenings.

what kind of splint did you wear that helped? did you ever get tooth pain with this?

take care, Ann