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hi bobbie, as far as the blocks go... it may take a few days for you to get the relief from a block. some people don't notice any relief though. I know for myself, i didn't really notice it till a few days later. and with my second one i didn't see any results, but now that it has been a while and i'm not like looking for HUGE improvements, i know that i got relief from the second one as well. just different then the first block i had. there are several other treatments besides blocks. like jokehakk said, are you seeing a pain management doctor? if not i would HIGHLY recommend seeing one. they can go over all the different types of treatments. besides blocks, medications, and physical therapy, it seems from what i have researched that all the other treatments are pretty invasive. most people start with a series of blocks, even if they don't see results from the first few, they doctor might not have gotten just the right spot. as far as pain meds, there are several different routes to go, once again something to discuss with a PM. I was on neurontin like you, and had no help from it, so i was switched over to Topamax. this helps me so much more. then i'm on baclofen for the twitching and shaking that my arm does, ambien to help me sleep, lexapro for an antidepressant and for pain, I've been on percodan, vicodin, hydrocodone, oxycodone, and now I'm on morphine. but hopefully around the end of summer i can go to this pain clinic in corpus christi that has put a lot of rad patients into remission. it's called PainDefeat, or something like that. if you add .com to the end that's the website for the clinic if you're interested in looking at their site. but for some relief at home just try to keep, i think you said your knee (?), very warm when its hurting. like wrap it in a blanket, or a heating pad, put some damp towels in the microwave for a few minutes.... warm/hot bath w/epson salts help. just NO ice, that'll make it worse. I hope i've been able to help! have a good and hopefully pain free weekend!
~andrea~ :)