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Hello All:

I am also one of the "silent readers". I have been following these posts for several months now in anticipation of my surgery. I have learned so much from reading, and laughed a lot also.

Rosa: I am going in on the 14th of April for a multi-level fusion L3 thru S1. They will be doing this in two separate surgeries, as there is just too much to be done in one. They will be going in anterior the first day to put in bone (and that protein stuff) and then on the third day, the 16th they go in post. to put in rods, screws and open the nerve space. I am taking Lexapro (for depression-like who wouldn't be depressed over that) and am now taking during the day vicoden 1200mgs and oxyc. and ambien at night. I have been dealing with this pain for about 16 mo. I have now gotten to the point-just today that I am having weakness in my right leg. It has been numb for about four/five mo. I also live in CA (Northern) and am having surg. in SF. What are you having done? I just simply can't go back and read all those posts. . . .!
That, or I'm gonna have to take notes like you.

Anyway, thanks for the fun, laughter and info and making me feel like I'm not the only person on this earth that is going thru this.