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Thankyou so much guys. It really does make me feel better to hear you. I bought a book yesterday called Taking Control of TMJ. I'm only on the third chapter and am optimistic. I got really excited when I saw that he gives props in a paragraph to a dentist recommended to me in my area. Yea...I don't think I'll be seeing my old dentist any time soon...although I am suppossed to be going in tomorrow so he can "take a look at my splint". My head pressure has decreased, however the dizziness and spaciness remains as well as the ear pressure and aches. I suppose I am lucky that I don't have a lot of other pain associated with this. The one thing that really stinks though is that I have been having major anxiety lately as well as the depression. My psych. doesn't really have a lot to say about it...he knows about as much as I do right now and my parents are at a loss as well. This morning I was given something called lexapro..hope it works. I also hope these "excersizes" in the book work too. I definately don't want to undergo surgury. I think I could deal with a little pain..I am a "trooper" ..just not this dizziness. (sigh) Oh yea...I read something online about a condition called Mitral Valve Prolapse that seems to coinside with TMJ. The symptoms are ironically enough anxiety, panic, depression, dizziness, headaches, etc. Thing is I'm just not experiencing any heart pain or fluttering or whatever they are calling it. Although I am pretty sure that this IS TMD for some reason I am still on the phone with different docs every day..maybe..just in case. I also have an appt. at a balance center for a VNG. I am trying to be strong..I definately feel better than when I wrote my last post...I am just so filled with bitter anger. Having that procedure done in April I believe is definately what triggered this. I wish I could go back in time and never have went. :( Thanx again for your support and kind words it means so much to me. I'll keep you posted Take care
Thanks again guys for responding. It's been a bad couple of days for me. I have absolutely NO appetite and even thinking about food is making me gag. I'm pretty sure this is from the anxiety I've been having. I really don't think this splint is doing anything either. I wear it every night and no change. If it IS going to work how long does it take? Like I said before I could handle a little pain but this dizziness is just nausiating to the point where I have just been calling into work and staying in bed and as a result of that and not eating feeling MORE fatigued and weak. uuggg!!! I really don't think my dentist knows anything about TMJ either. He still thinks this was caused from my suppossed grinding and clenching but I KNOW in my gut that this was caused by the precedure he did on me. It HAS to be revirsable for my own sanity! This was done to me and must be UNdone! I can't imagine living the rest of my life in this state. I want to finish school and get married and travel and have a family.....right now my future looks so bleek. I'm not sure if the Lexapro is doing anything for the anxiety either. Maybe I just have to give it more time. I finished the book...Taking Control of TMJ. I have an appt. with a local doc in my area that was mentioned in the book in about 2 weeks. Thats seems light years away. I am so confused about this whole muscular thing. It has been 4 whole months since this started. Any kind of a strain should have healed by now wouldn't it have??? I also have an appt. with a chiropractor who deals with myofacial stuff. IsobelJ, you said it is good if your teeth occlusion is still fine..that is very important. What does that mean? I had braces for years as a kid and since then everyone has always said I have a beautiful smile and straight teeth and as far as I know my bite has always been excellent. I am afraid that this splint that my current dentist made for me could do more harm than good. What if it DOES start moving things around that were fine my whole life??! Oh yea..one more thing..I saw my PCP today and he gave me something called Napucyn to have filled. I believe it's a anti-inflammatory. Has anyone else had any luck with that?? Thanks again so much for listening. ---Sarah