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Hi Jiliebean I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time with these docs. I too have RSD in my arm and hand and type with one hand, so I know what you're going threw. It's actually from like my elbow to my fingers, sometimes I think its spreading a little more up my arm. But when I first got diagnosed January I was put on neurontin, which made me sick, so I switched to Topomax, and I'm on baclofen for shakes and spasms, Lexapro for depression- I would just break down over the stupidest things or when my arm would hurt unbearabley I'd just be crying so hard. I've tried anti-inflamitories and cycles of steriods. As far as pain meds go, I have been on several, hydrocodone, oxycodone, vicodin, morphine, hydromorphone (morphine based), and now I'm trying methadone. There are a few others I've tried at the beginning but they didn't help. Going to see a pain management doctor is a very good idea though, just about all of us here on the boards see one. They understand RSD a lot better then general doctors, you'll want to make sure they have other RSD patients. But they generally know how to treat RSD better. Have you treated your RSD with anything besides medication? Like with blocks or physical therapy before? Both of those work well for most people. But you have definately found the right place to vent and ask questions.
Hoping you're having a pain free day,
~Andrea~ :wave: