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I'm in the same boat you are Kate, my doc suggested a stim trial, so i'm set up to go on the 31st to have the trial hooked up to me. i really hope that works, Right now i'm on topamax, baclofen, lexapro, and methadone. i have tried several other combinations of drugs that haven't worked or i haven't liked. so i don't know if that's the route you want to go but my doc says that's the best route to go if you want to get off the pain meds.
Thanks for all your responses.
I've just moved interstate so haven't set up with a pain clinic yet. My dr is pretty good so I've started with him. I know which pain clinic to go to and know a bunch of RSD'ers that see him. He's very good, but all for surgical intervention (SCS, pump, IV etc) so I wanted to try all meds first, although maybe a pump or scs would be a lifesaver and better than meds anyway. So next time I see him (which will be this week now as I reacted to the lexapro) I'll get a referral, then see the PC dr in a few months, there's a bit of a wait.
But all your advice and personal experiences are so helpful- websites are great (couldn't imagine dealing with rsd with no internet) but often only tell you a onesided view of treatments, not personal views, so I appreciate everything you guys can tell me.
Can someone tell me what type of drugs Tegretol and Topamax are? I haven't tried them, but maybe I've had something like them.

msdrea- what dosage of baclofen are you on? I'm on 25mg a day, and thinking of going up. It really helps me. I've tried going off it when I thought it was having no effect but found such a difference without it. I wonder if going up to 50mg would make a difference. I don't get any side effects off Baclofen so would prefer going up on that rather than going up on the MS Contin.

x Kate