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welcome to our family! i've had rsd since january, my cousin pushed me off a bed and they say i fractured my elbow, although nothing ever showed up. and that's how i got it, from my elbow to to my fingers on my left arm. i've treid severl meds, currently on topamax, baclofen, lexapro, and methadone. i tried 3 blocks and they didn't work. i'm still in a lot of pain and my arm shakes and spasms out like crazy. not to mention my finger and hand swell up. so on the 31st i'm going for trial scs. i know what you mean about all this being frighteninng. i'm so nervous about this trial. but if it's gonna bring the sort of relief that they say it can bring then i'm all for it. everyone on this board has given me some kind of advice or some calming words. its very easy to open up here. so i hope to see you around!