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Hello All!

I also have a similar injury to y'all, I had an L4-L5 anterior lumbar discectomy in July of 2002 and an L4-L5 lumbar fusion in Jan of 2003. I was also said to have L5 nerve root damage due to the injury. Bright eyes everyone, the healing is slow and sometimes I think I will never be all the way better, then I feel something or not feel something and I know I will be okay, maybe not tomorrow but soon! It is slow I know, but take things as they come and don't over stress, it makes the pain worse.

I was taking neurontin 1200mg am and 1500 pm, along with vicodin 10-1000 every 4-6, skelaxen 400mg every 4-6, lexapro 10mg hs, remoron 45mg hs, serquil 200mg hs. I still had problems sleeping, pain, the burning and crawling pain in my legs, buttocks, and back, and had problems making dinner or doing dishes, just about forget doing ldry... LoL!

Lot of luck to you all!

Blessed be!