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I know exactly what you two mean too. i live with my boyfriend and his family, except our situation is a little different. He doesn't work, he's got diabetes real bad, and I don't depend on his family to fully support me. So i have to work. my job is pretty easy mostly answering phones and reception type work. and i can leave when ever my arm is killing me. and i'm in the process of applying for disability. when i first got rsd i was an emotional reck. i'd break down over the stupidest things. i went back to celi to see my parents, i live in kansas with my boyfriend. but my dad wouldn't get me my favorite type of ben and jerry's ice cream, so i broke down crying. i was trying to pour myself a glass of juice put it was too heavy for me to do by myself with one hand or something so it fell out my hand and all ove the floor and i broke down cause i couldn't do anything by myself. so my doctor put me on an anti-dpressant called lexapro. for the first week it just made me a little drowsy, but that's it. ever since then i can control my emotions like before. there have been a few times when i've broken down since i've been on the meds but that's only because big things have happend and i've like spents the whole day/night thinking about my situation and what not.

but you are right kate, rsd does mess with your emotions, that's why my first pm right away recommended me going on an anti-depressant. i didn't take it at first, but two weeks later i was calling asking for it cause i was paing more attention to how i was acting, and i'm not one to cry and all of a sudden i was breaking down every night over stupid things.

i hope you guys get to feeling better just remember the sun is always shining, and someone is always thinking good about you.
~andrea~ :wave: