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Ive been taking meds for quite some time now for anxiety and depression. i have been on all different meds, paxil, zoloft, lexapro and welbutrin (was on the lexapor and welbutrin at the same time, but i switched drs and they took me off the lexapro - still on welbutrin xl). Its just recently that i have realized my thoughts. I will say that my mom was extremely over protective when i was a kid. And She always automatically jumps to the worst case scenario and what not. Like last weekend I stayed at a friends house and didnt tell her I wasnt coming home (im 25 mind you, havent had a curfew in years, and just moved back home a few months ago after living on my own for a little while - god i need to move back out.. lol) and she called me non stop until i answered the phone to see where i was, automatically thinking that i was in an accident. So maybe i have just taken after her (i really hope not.. lol) but i dont know if its something other than that.Then again, maybe we both have some other issues?
I have had a bunch of people tell me that "i think too much" or that i "worry too much".
I wont have insurance to go back to the dr until november so i guess in the meantime ill just have to try to block them out.
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it might just be the meds your taking............lexapro makes me very teritorrial,demanding,and makes me feel in contol but in reality now off the med and i'm back to sqare one ......dependant,uncontrolled, and to layed back....i just don't care about much these days..........i hope its part of withdrawl the dizziness isfaint the exteme emotions are less......maake sure you let your doc know what your feeling...good luck