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Hi Everybody! :wave: I see from reading the recent posts that everyone else is having a week somewhat like mine. Its been painful, frustrating, and more painful! I hope we all start to get some relief soon or we all go bonkers! :bouncing:

I talked to my psychiatrist on my last visit about how the Effexor he prescribed was making me sick and wiping out my energy. He put me on Lexapro 10 mg. It seems to be working much better! I can even take this one without food and it doesn't upset my stomach. I hope it works on the depression. I go back to see him in two weeks, so probably by then.

I went for my CT scan, needed for the SCS, yesterday. My pm should have the results this afternoon. I'm sure everything is fine with my back, but then again...with my luck, they'll find some abnormality!

I talked to my lawyer yesterday and I asked him if social security/disability is something I should be looking into. He said "You haven't filed for that yet? Go straight over there and put in your claim!" I could've choked him! I don't know anything about this stuff. That's what I'm paying him for! Needless to say, I went and applied. I go back on September 9th, so it didn't take too long to get an appointment, at least. Has everyone else filed for this yet? I hear its almost impossible to get. If anyone else can give me any tips or share their story, I'd appreciate it! I am seriously so clueless with this stuff!

Ok, I guess this thread is long enough. I hate when I write these long things. People with RSD can't sit still for very long with the pain and being uncomfortable. What am I thinking? No one probably reads down this far. And yet I'm still typing! Still doing it. There I go again. HeHe. :jester:
Hey, I'm glad your doc switched your meds. I'm also on Lexapro, I'm on 20mgs. tho. It works great for me. Well except for times like right now where i'm all anxious and nervous and worried and working myself up over my trial stim i get on tuesday ( i do really want it don't get me wrong!) and then my boyfriend last night, who's got diabetes really bad told me that ever since i told him i was hurt, back in december, which turned into rsd, that he's been feeling sick and his diabetes isn't doing good at all but he wants me to get better first and he's putting himself on the back burner. so i don't think that even if i didn't have rsd and was on an anti-depressant from that i don't think i'd be able to be handling this. but anyways, sorry for that little tangent! lexapro is a really good med.

i'm in the middle of filing for disability, i just helped my boss fill out some paperwork they sent her, asking about me and if my "disability" interferes" with work and whatnot. most importantly you're going to want to make a list of all the procedures/tests you had done, where (including address and phone #), when, and what doctor had it ordered. all the hosptials/facilities/clinics/therapy places you've been to, when and their address and phone numbers, all the doctors you've seen, when,their address and phone numbers, all the meds you're currently on, for what, and who prescribed them. that's most important. its a lot of digging up and remembering. and then they want to know if there's tenative plans for procedures such as the SCS.

hope that helps!