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Well, I have a whole bunch of questions. First off...does anyone else live in Northern Virginia? I have been feeling this spaced out feeling, ears being full and head tension since April. No pain. Just dull achiness and extreme uncomfortability at all times. I have been on an anti-inflammatory for acouple months now. The anxiety has subsided for the most part after being on Lexapro for over a month, so I am not suicidal and crying every day any more. It helps also to know that I am not crazy and did not dream these symptoms up. I know now despite what some docs told me this summer that it is not "stress" causing these symptoms. The weird part is I forced myself to get up every day and forced myself to live and go to work everyday, and now I am almost getting used to it! People have stopped asking me about it. It's not new news anymore. I have actually gotten used to the spaciness and ear fullness and headaches and muscle tightness and all of it. Even the tossing and turning all night has become a ritual. I can't remember what it feels like to feel normal! In a way, when I read some of these posts I feel like I am lucky that I don't have pain along with the rest of my symptoms. New news: I saw a doc in Tysons VA. named Brendan Stack (one of the docs mentioned in the book Taking Control of TMJ) and after taking an MRI of my TM Joints it is found that my discs are deteriorating due to suppossed arthritis. I am 23. I find this very odd since it must have taken years for arthritis to build up or come about..yet I didn't start experiencing any of these symtpoms until I went to the dentist in April (having had my jaw open for a very long period of time). I wanted a second opinion, so I made an appointment with a neuromuscular dentist in Falls Church, Va. ..a Doctor Stephen Burch, who suppossedly is also very good. I need to get a test done (a "Scan") that costs $2,500 in order for them to see what needs to be done which will most likely involve a splint. What I would really like to know is...DOES this ever go away?? I mean, is it possible that I could get this test done, wear a splint for a couple months, and have the symptoms fade away? I mean is that how it's supposed to work? Because I have to say...after reading these message boards all summer, all I'm getting is horror stories and never ending pain. What are the percentages of people who get better vs people who don't? Why is it that so many of you aren't getting better?? Are there ANY success stories out there?? I have even read some posts of people getting WORSE from TREATMENT! That scares the holy crap out of me. I am already not going to school this semester just to focus on getting well. Can anyone answer any of these questions??? It would be greatly appreciated. And again, each and every one of you are in my thoughts and prayers as this disorder is a living nightmare and would definately never wish this on my worst enemy.