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Hi All.

I was diagnosed bipolar in 97. At first they had me on Lithium and Prozac. Then to Prozac only. Then to Lexapro only, then to Lexapro and Zanax. Currently, I've been off all medication for over a year and doing fine. Except since June, my world has been falling apart, and now I'm just hoping someone will hear my story. If someone has some advice, that would be great, but otherwise, just a kind ear and some reassurance would help tons. I'll try and make it easy and give you a revised version....

Well, June 25, three days before my 1st wedding anniversary, my mom went in to have a hysterectomy. The doctors screwed up and to make a long story short, a 24 hour procedure turned into four surgeries, almost two weeks in ICU, one of them on life support, with a 50/50 chance of her making it. Around this same time, I got a new dog, who, my cat was terribly viscious to, and I was terrified I was going to have to give up my kitty I've had for over a year. (Since I'm really into animal rescue, this was an even more terrifying thought for me than most.) Oh, I should mention that just a week before this whole mess, I went to the doctor myself and still haven't figured all that out. (No Insurance....)
Well, Mom finally was able to return home a month later, and despite the two surgeries still ahead of her, everything looked good for the first time in a month. Then, approximately a week and a half ago, that all changed. I work in a managerial position for a major retail chain. Apparently one day I didn't get our safe properly latched and we ended up missing more than ten grand! A couple days later, our asset protection officer from the company came in to "ask me some questions." I put this in quotes because that was a very loose phrase. If you've ever seen Law&Order or any type of cop show, I'm sure you've seen how they treat the suspect in the interrogation room. They get up and yell in the person's face, accusing them of everything under the sun, trying to break them and make them confess. This is what this man did to me. Only, I didn't do it and I already felt horrible about making such a huge mistake. From there, I went to the police station to answer their questions, where I found I would need to take a polygraph. Well, today was the polygraph. It showed that I did NOT take the money. However, it showed that I know who took it, which I do NOT! In between the time I went to answer the questions a week ago and the polygraph today, we had more bad news about Mom's health. (I suppose it's important at this point to mention that my mom is my best friend in the world next to my husband.) It turns out there are more complications than originally expected and now she may have to have two or three more sets of surgery ahead of her. (When I say sets, I mean at least two surgeries per operation.) I just needed to be able to get some of this off my chest and I pray someone will read it. Thank you so much for being here and God bless you all.

With Sincerest Regards
Toni Hundtoft