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When I was diagnosed in January, I was put on meds, neurontin and ms cotin, and offered blocks, and physical therapy. I did them all. I too didn't see much of a change with the neurontin, and it made me sick, so I switched to topamaxm which seems to be helping more. I did 3 blocks, one every two weeks. I felt no relief from them, but there are a lot of other people who get great results from them. the physical therapy in the long run has so far been the best for me, as far as learning how to control my pain, regaining some use of my arm and hand, knowing my arms limits, and building up a higher pain tolerance. Since then i've also added baclofen and lexapro to my meds, and gotten off the ms cotin. i tried hydromorphone, methadone, and then vicodin for pain relief. i'm not going to try the patches for some relief. i did also have a trial scs, which worked wonders for me. So i'm scheduled 10/19 for my perm to be put in. all of my docs have told me that while i'm still in the begining of rsd to just attack it as much as i can. cause once it starts getting worse its harder to put it into remission and harder to deal with, not that it's not already hard to deal with. but you have to stay optimistic, and just keep trying. there has to be something out there that can work for all of us. it may not be out there yet, but eventually it'll come to us. :)