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I know it's not exactly the same but almost 2 months ago I had all my top teeth pulled and I too was really upset about it so upset I was having a hard time sleeping and coping with everyday things so when I went to my doc. I told her about it and she prescribed me lexapro for slight depression and the panic attack like symptoms I was having and it really helped me get threw it. But on a note my dentist adviced me to wait to get the dentures made till at least 3 months so my mouth would heal and I would have a better fit, and personnel it has been hard not really smiling to much and at first finding things to eat ( fudgesicles became my best friend good for the swelling and plus I was unable to eat them in years due to all the crowns and fillings I had) plus pancakes, oatmeal you will be surprised at what you will think about eating. Now really I eat a lot of things hamburgers, chicken just nothing hard like chips ect. and with the talking I work as a cust. service rep for a large company and work 8 hours a day on the phone and I will admit that the first week and a half was hard due to swelling but now I only notice it on certian s sounds but I really practiced also. and my good news is that this friday I go in for my impressions for my dentures and really Iam glad but really 2 months went fast. good luck and don't let it get you down I know its really hard it was a hard decision on me.