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My mother (80 years old) in in beginning stage of Alzheimer's. She is now living with me since my father passed away. For the most part, her problem is memory related. She's in very good health and still has a good sense of humor. Her medications are: Reminyl (2 times a day), Lexapro (at bedtime), Monopril (a.m.) and Namenda (two times a day).

Her most recent problem is hearing voices. She first thought it was the radio, then a loudspeaker. The most problematic voice tells her to call a phone number collect (this phone number doesn't exist - it's not a complete number). Her doc thinks it may be due to Namenda and wants to reduce her dosage from 20mg to 15 and then to 10. Has anyone else experienced this situation? If so, have you discovered the cause and solution?

Thanks for a very helpful support and information resource :)