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dear Pos - here goes -
I was 49 when diagnosed PCa out of no where. My dad died when I was 25 - my brother in law at age 30. I have been the man of the family for years running a family business, teaching school and taking care of all the needs of the "widows". My wife has respitory problems - prednisone has caused weight gain which has caused bouts of depression. When I was diagnosed, I wondered what am I going to do? Within our household, I shop, cook, clean, pay all the bills etc.

About 10 years ago I let go of the family business - I had too. I work in a public school with troubled students age 12 - 15. In this capacity, I am the eternal problem solver and peace maker between parents, students, teachers, counselors and law enforcement and other social agencies.

Since surgery, I just seem to live one day at a time looking forward to retirement. I had horrible nightmares - my father lost more than just his prostate gland to the wonder disease. I would wake up screaming clutching my genitals repeating "you're not taking that too". I think I suffer from PTSD. Lexapro has helped and I take miripex for restless leg syndrome. From the way my hands shake, I wonder if I have Parkinsons.

I would love to work with a trusted therapist. In my job, I know everbyody in the area and they are mostly women. Sure - I would love to share with some good looking, young therapist that I am impotent, sometimes incontinent and feel like crap. I can't stand large groups anymore - I prefer to be alone or just at home. I presume I feel safer.

A friend works for the American Cancer Society. He suggested a meeting - everyone was 80 - I don't care who has the best deal on depends for the week.

So - I muddle on - everyone looks at me and its like wow! You look great. Yes I do - inside I am a mess. Subjects change when I am with the guys. Viagra - cialis - what a joke. Injections - I just could not do so. VED works but I find it painful - sex is more of a chore than pleasure. Before surgery, my uro described me as compact. Now, all the jokes about getting the tweezers to go to the bathroom hit home.

I am grateful to presently have no PSA level - I really wonder when it will return and where and will I be able to deal with it.

Thanks for asking - sorry to be no so upbeat. Somewhere, some how I need to find someone to vent and share with what I truly feel.

Hope your situation is good - I never knew life could change so dramatically - especially when so many things that I shouldered at a young age.