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It feels so good to know I am not alone. I don't talk much about my anxiety and I am not seeing anyone anymore as everything has become so expensive and I would rather live my life sweeping that part of me under the rug and wearing a smile. I don't want to pay someone over $100 an hour to just listen. I can talk myself through hard times. I currently take 10 mg of Lexapro every night and it helps for the most part. I'm thinking of increasing my dosage a little bit. (My PCP said that was ok.) I have had GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) since like the third grade. I have been on other meds in the past such as Paxil(for like a week), Effexor, and Prozac. I had been taking Prozac for years and it was working well except for the occasional panic attack, until the tmj started in april. My current doctor took me off of it because that was the first person I went to when I started experiencing all these weird symptoms. He said the tiredness and dizziness was due to too much medicine in my bloodstream, which didn't make any sense to me since I had been taking it for so long. And that didn't explain the headaches or tightness in my temples. He just chose to block out that information. I stopped seeing him because after putting me on several different medications and nothing was working, he basically just gave up on me, so I gave up on him. He even wrote me a prescription for xanax and wanted me to take it every night. Yea no. I never filled the prescription. Everyone I knew told me that was bad news and that not only is it addictive, but that xanax is the sort of medication that you only take to calm your nerves during a bad anxiety attack, not the sort of medicine you're suppossed to take every night. Anywayz, I just want this all to be over. I have lived with the anxiety and OCD for most of my life and I know it can be controlled with positive thinking and reassuring pep talks with myself mentally, but mostly with meds ofcourse. I really can't handle having TMJ on my plate as well. I have had doctors tell me that dizziness and light sensitivity are symtpoms of anxiety and I'm sure that's true for a lot of people. But I know what happens to me when I feel anxiety, and these two symptoms only started last april after I went to the dentist. And they started along side the headaches etc. Hopefully, after wearing this splint all symptoms will subside. I mean, that is the whole purpose of wearing this uncomfortable contraption isn't it? Thankyou for listening and for everyone's support and I hope everyone is feeling ok today.
nc: I so hope you can find an answer to this, but I have to tell you that if the dizziness and such are related to tmj, it is not going to be a quick fix. I spent years going from ent......to neurologists......to dentists......back to an ent and couldn't get an answer. Now, that I am in with a dentist who "really" knows about tmj, my dizziness is gone. He has me in the right splint and has it fitted correctly. Those are the 2 biggest issues in getting a handle on this.

I don't really know how I lived with the dizziness for so long. At the time they were thinking I had MS or something more serious and it just over took my life. When everything kept coming back normal it was very hard to be told that because of how sick I felt. It was a neurologist in the end who diagnosed me with severe tmj and then it took me quite a while to get in with a good dentist. Just because you get a splint made does not mean you will be helped. Splints have to be an exact science in the way the are made.......the type that you need........and the way they are fitted. Once those things are met, the dizziness will subside. I have not had any dizziness now for 5 months and it has been wonderful.

Princess: I totally understand about the anxiety.........I have suffered with it for most of my life, but it just came to a head when all this tmj stuff started and I could get no answers, Tmj and anxiety go hand in hand. I know counseling is expensive but it is so helpful. I ended up finding a good counselor at the state mental health center and they just charge based on your income/bill ratio. We only pay $15 per visit instead of the $120 we were going to have to pay at a psychologist practice, could you check on something like that?

As far as the Xanax goes, not all the info you got was correct. I have taken it for 8 years now..........same dose, same time of day. Of course it can be addictive, but chances are you are going to have to take it for the rest of your life anyway. Even the Lexapro is not a med you could quit cold turkey. Anti-depressants can be very dangerous to just stop. I tried so many of them and I had horrible side effects from all of them. I take Xanax .5 three times a day. It is a med you take daily that is the only way it works. It is not a med you pop during an attack. You can take one for a panic attack, but you need them on a regular basis to get the full effect. That would be like taking a Lexapro only when you were having a bad day. It wouldn't work. I know Xanax saved me, I was living a tortured life and was pretty much housebound from the anxiety. It gave me my life back. I also take Trazadone at night for sleep. Another thing you might consider......Anti-depressants can cause bruxing and grinding, I wonder if the Lexapro is causing you to clench and grind? Also taking you off the Prozac could have caused you to clench and grind ......getting off anti-d's can cause a rebound of clenching and grinding,

It sounds like to me you had some bad info from your dr's as well. Nobody should have blown off your symptoms of tightness in your temples. That is really a sign of clenching and grinding. Also, it was silly to say it was caused my too much meds in your system. The Prozac had nothing to do with new symptoms if you had been on it for so long. Alot of times dr's just don't want to take the time to figure out what is wrong if it is not obvious.

I am sure the lights and dizziness are symptoms of tmj for you and you will have to find a dentist who is going to listen and be willing to help you. The ones that are really knowledgeable about tmj are hard to come by. I wish you the best with all that you are dealing with,