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:wave: Hello My name is Kat I am a 32 yr old female with numerous health problems. I have spent the last 2 years going from Dr to Dr trying to get help. I don't actually know if all of my problems are 1 problem or numerous problems. I just know that about 2 yrs ago life went downhill health wise.
To start 2 yrs ago Feb. I had a UTI and a week later I developed flank pain both sides. Without tests the DR treated me for kidney infection with augmentin. 3 weeks later went away. Came back a week later. Left for a few months came back again Dr did blood and urine tests all neg also CT scan. He called it a back injury. I did nothing to hurt my back in that time. A year later I have had extreme tiredness, fatigue and sleeping alot. I also suffered from freguent headaches and sinus problems. Feb. last yr I went to another DR for possible depression (mostly from being sick all the time) also flank pain back, she put me on Lexapro. Took it for 2 days Hated it, quit it. Started suffering from anxiety attacks or something (totally new)I had extreme tension in my muscles and especially stomach area. A year later I have had constant nausea, heart palps, tremors, shakiness.
This is a really quik recap of problems and I am sure I have missed something.
I recently went to cardi. tests fine, Blood fine whatever they tested.
I am tired of dealing with these people. The want to diagnois me with panic attacks and I don't buy it. I am not afraid, I do not fear that I am dying. I do not feel inpending doom.
I am tired of trying to diagnois myself and I don't know where to turn. It took them a year to even run blood work on me.
I am looking into Acid reflux, adrenal problems, or anything else. I just want to feel better and live my life. 2 years of feeling like a slug is too much for anyone.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time,