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hola, i to have the grinding in my thoracic spine and it is frustrating. i asked the nurse practitioner at my pain magmt appt and she said it was the arthritis i have. man that sure did freak me out. i am only 29 and feel 99. having pain in this area of the back is so hard to deal with. my shoulders hurt and the muscle between my spine and shoulders kill me. i have had trigger point and nerve burning in the area and that does little if any relief. man girl i sure know how you feel. massage was recommended but thats hard to go have done with no money so my mom comes and does it for me. all my pain started after a car acc. in 94 right before i graduated h.s then it just got worse over time and the ironic thing about it is that after h.s i worked for a chiropractor. i injured myself there 2 times over the 6 yrs i worked there. isn't that crazy. i now live in chronic pain and have been dx with fibromyalgia which was very scary for me. that was the last thing i wanted to hear but was kind of glad to finally have a dx. i now take norco, soma, resteril, lexapro and effexor daily. it sucks. pain sucks . i also try and do yoga at least 4 times a week and that helps somewhat.
well i hope this helps i little but get to me. it feels good to talk about it and have support when you feel like this.

your new friend, robin(girl75)