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Seven years ago I began having heart arrythmias (psvt,pvcs,pacs,short runs of a-fib), had many heart tests, nothing was found. Then began having quick, intense jabs of chest pain under the sternum with and without exercise (37yr old male, 6ft, 165pnds), but again nothing found. Along with this I began having "Attacks" out of the blue. Suddenly didn't feel right, nausea, fast HR, sweaty, chills, pale (like anxiety attacks). Went to the E.R at least 50 times, nothing ever found. Then a few years ago I began having night sweats on and off, but since I thought I was having anxiety attacks, didn't think much of it. Then, a little over a year ago everyone told me I looked thinner (especially in the face) and had poor color. I began noticing sore parotid glands (in my jaw), but not inflamed. Went to Dr. who did many blood tests and found that I tested positive for CMV (positive IGG and IGM). I also had sores in my mouth around my bite line. Tested negative for HIV (heterosexual). Felt really run down, weak, nauseas, many muscle twitches, hives, more severe "panic attacks". Went to Naturopath who suspected adrenal problems and dianosed me with dysautonomia. Put me on vitamins and herbs. Felt a little better, energy improved, but every time i did too much exercise, would feel run down and get sore parotid glands again. Five weeks ago I was doing daily aerobic walks and feeling good. Then about four weeks ago I woke up and felt terrible. I began having nauseas spells, like I was going to throw up. Felt chills and was cold all the time. Began having intense "attacks" where I felt like I was going to pass out. One day was eating soup and upon swallowing had near syncope spell. Admitted to hospital for three days, blood was normal, cardiac nuclear stress test normal, GI studies showed delayed gastric emptying (Endoscopy), but negative abdominal barium, negative small bowel follow through and negative colonoscopy. Blood normal except for low platelets (which I've had for years). Did bacterial overgrowth study and tested positive for bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine. Sent to Rheumotologist who did auto-immune work-up. He called friday and said I had positive ANA, low white count, low platelets, though normal sed rate and CRP. Wanted to put me on a medrol-pac, but couldn't tell me what I had. An inflammatory condition, but not sure what. Nevertheless I have not gone on the Medrol-pac. I feel a little better, but am having trouble gaining weight (160 now, was 166 five weeks ago, but havve not droped below 160) and still have moments of weakness and sore parotid glands. No swollen glands that I can find. Forgot to mention, they put me on Lexapro because i was having so many "attacks" and after a week on it ,I went off yesterday because it was making me very tired and I don't want to confuse symptoms (Dr. agreed). The Dr. said "try the medrol pac and see if symptoms improve. If not we're back to square one". Since I have no real symptoms of inflammation except for left knee I can't bend well and a little weakness and sore parotids i really don't want to take the Medrol. But what now? I'm thinking Hodgkins, or Lymphoma. Dr. said this has been going on too long (over a year, on and off) and I would have glands the size of baseballs by now. Also thinks too long for a virus. I have nodules in either side of my neck that have been swollen for years, but have noticed on the right side there is a hard raised area now next to it (you can see it when I turn my neck). Maybe i should ask for a biopsy? I'm thinking auto-immune disease (Lupus? Scleroderma?) or infection in the body somewhere, (though sed rate and CRP are normal) or Virus. I have not been walking much lately, and went on a walk the other day and after five blocks I began getting nauseas spells and heart rate went from 90 to 144 within minutes. I walked home slowly and it went back to normal. Was atheletic up until 5 weeks ago. Maybe anemia? Red count sometimes low. Normal thyroid, but low temperature (96.7) sometimes in the A.M. Any ideas for cancer tests. I'm stumped and believe I should have a better answer from the Dr. but don't know how to approach him. Should I demand more testing before I try the Medrol?