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Hi All, I am new to this board and have some questions I hope some of you can give me some advice on.

I have TMJ and chronic daily headaches. The HA Ive had for 5+ years, but the TMJ only DX'd about 7 months ago.
Ever since the TMJ was DX'd I have been running low grade fevers every single time I go to the doc. They have ran blood work a few times and nothing showed.
A few months ago they started to get somewhat concerned about the fevers, so they sent me for a CT scan...and it showed several inflammed, enlarged lymph nodes in my neck. The largest is 12 mm. From there I was referred to an ENT doc for possible biopsy surgery.
He wanted to do a fine needle biopsy first, why I dont know but we went ahead and did it. The results lean towards just infection but cannot rule out lymphoma so I will be having the biopsy surgery next to remove the node and send to pathology.
The only symptom I really have is the night sweats. I also get them during the day when I nap. Not every night but most nights I awake at some point soaked in sweat.
My questions are: If they are just infected, how long do they take to go away? My PCP said they would go away eventually on their own. I have tried a 7 day course of Levaquin and it didnt seem to help at all. I dont have any pain in the area at all, although its pretty close to my jaw where my pain is HORRID from the TMJ. I am on a pretty large dosage of narcotics for my daily pain...but I am still at a 4-5 level of pain daily..sometimes even higher if im having a flare.
I am also somewhat concerned if it is lymphoma that we have waited so long in getting things done that it might have spread. Any truth to that or am I just being worried for no reason?
I would really love any info you all have on this. I feel clueless and dont have an appt for another 10 days. I will be seeing the ENT doc again to see what the next step is. I would like to just have the surgery and get it over with. I doubt I do have lymphoma but again if they are infected...will they ever go away??!! I feel like CRAP all the time and im sure they are part of the reason. My fatigue is unbelieable which im sure you all can relate to. I have a 18 mo old baby I have to take care of and some days it seems impossible. Im extremely depressed over all of this also...but am on Lexapro at the highest dose possible.

Thanks in advance for any info or advice you can give me.

edited to add: I was reading an old post from someone named cancerboy who had lymphoma and one of his symtoms was a rash under his arm and back. I have has a rash under my arm for almost as long as I have had the fevers. I thought it was from a bad razor but I doubt that would last 6 months. Its still a very round, red, itchy rash.

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