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im not sure if i have RLS or not. let me describe my symproms and yall let me know what you think! my hands and feet feel somewhat restless during the day, but it is horrible when im trying to sleep! i have trouble falling asleep at night, but as soon as i dose off my hands and feet, ecspecially on the left side get this absolutley "crazy" feeling. its not pain, so much, just a really weird feeling. sometimes i find myself punching them trying to make it go away! i told my doctor several times as recently as today, but he has never mentioned RLS. right now it 3:30 am, and im up typing this becasue these feelings are keeping me up. doc said its anxiety, and put me on lexapro, then today put me on prozac, but its still there. its not every night, but has become most nights. zanax and ambien seem to make it even worse! does this sound like RLS? what meds have helped yall if that is what's going on? has anyone else experianced these symptoms? fortunatly im all only semi employed right now, so i can sleep some during the day, when this is much less frequent. i feel like im going nuts. HELP!!!