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Thanks, Dennis and WB I have already had two surgery's my first one was my C2 was pushed back compressing my spinal cord. So they went in at the back of my neck and moved my C2 forward with screws, they fused it with a bone from my hip, they installed a upside down u wire and 9 more screws. 4 srews are in my skull. After the first surgery I told the doc that I could not swallow, he sent me home anyway. I went 3 weeks not being able to eat or swallow any pills. When I went back for my check-up he said that my throat had closed up and he would have to go back in the next morning. So he did, he had not bent the wire back enough. He fixed it but broke a front tooth trying to get in the breathing tube. Man did my throat hurt after that surgery! After that he still did not fix my other 2 rupture disc's. He said there is nothing I can do for you now. I have no head movement, chronic pain and severe depression. I am on Lexapro for depression, Percocet 4 times a day for pain,Zanaflex and Prevacid Naprapac 500. Can I ask more questions? What does ACDF and GP stand for?