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I have clenched my teeth for as long as I can remember but it has gotten much worse over the past year or so. I clench down pretty hard and I make my wife slap me because I make this really stupid face when I do it. I have had dizziness (more disequilibrium than spinning) since college and have tried a few medications. I have had all the tests done (ears, heart, head, blah blah blah)and my doctor is convinced it is anxiety. I'm currently on Lexapro, but in the back of mind I think that TMJ could be causing some of this anxiety. I don't have any noticeable pain, but my jaw does pop on the right side when I open my mouth and my ears feel a bit clogged from time to time. My doctor doesn't seem to think that clenching my teeth could cause any of these types of problems, but it seems like I have heard many people on these boards say otherwise. Any thoughts out there?????? Thanks