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Welcome back Misty! Glad you had fun and recharged your batteries. Bud went thru the mood swings too and I wasn't sure if it was the chemo or the whole cancer situation. I suspect it was a good dose of both. Anyway, it got so bad that I finally talked him into speaking with his primary care physician and she recognized the problem right away. She put him on Prozac and it seems to be helping him. Let's hope that the RX they gave her will start kicking in. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks for the medicine to get into their bloodstream and start showing effect. Hang in there. I went thru the caregive anxiety and finally out of frustration, spoke with my own doctor and he put me on Lexapro. Very mild but it helps. I don't have any trees near my home so the egg thing would not be a good choice for me, unless I use my neighbor's house...hehehehe....and then I think the eggs would be flying both ways. LOL..gotta laugh sometimes, you know?

Hang in there friend. Keep in touch.

Maybe I could suggest the antidepressant to her oncologist. The lorazepam is an anitanxiety pill, she is supposed to take them for anxiety attacks. I am already on lexapro and wellbutrin for depression over some unresolved guilt issues with some past deaths in the families. I'm going to see her tomorrow for awhile, hope we both can keep it together. I love her so much.......sometimes the words are just hard to find, you know? Well, I say you should definately throw some eggs, do it at night when noone is looking (a little evil, I know, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, LOL). Well, I'll go for now, I'll let you know how tomorrow turns out.

Hugs and prayers,