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Hi Mystical, I wanted to say hello to you and I hope you find this board to be a good source of support. I didn't want to join a group that meets in person, because I just don't have the time these days, but wanted to hear about other people's experiences, so I come to this board a lot and sometimes post. The people who post are great, have a lot of suggestions and offer a lot of support.

I have had a feeling of general anxiety as long as I can remember. Then when I had my little boy three years ago, I started to feel terribly depressed too. That's when I went to my general physician to ask his opinion. I now go to therapy twice a month, take Lexapro (I was extremely reluctant to take meds but now I can see an unbelievable difference), see a psychiatrist for check-ins, write in a journal, exercise more, and come to this board for support. I am determined to face this terrible anxiety head-on and make up for all the time I've lost. I just felt awful for so many years and see now that I just didn't have to.

So, anyway, I hope you get lots of support here too. I'm sure you will.