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I have been on 20 mg of Lexapro for 3 months and am still having moderate anxiety and depression....it has definitely taken the edge off and has limited my use of "as needed" xanax, but I thought I would be feeling much better than this. It's almost feels like the anxiety and depression is right on the brink of coming out at any time. I was hoping I could totally not think about the anxiety and depression, but I still find myself "wondering" each day if and when it will pop out. Just wondering if anyone else feels this way? I have tried zoloft and paxil and both of those made me feel worse.
you could ask about upping the lexapro dose or maybe swap to another antidepressant med, it should be helping more
20 is already a high dose for Lexapro. My Dr. won't let me go higher than 10.
Maybe it's just not the right SSRI for you? Are you doing anything in conjunction with the Lexapro? Therapy, Exercise etc...
It's working great for me but as we know what works for one may not work for others? Maybe the dose is too high?
Quote from Bell99:
20 is already a high dose for Lexapro. My Dr. won't let me go higher than 10.

Hi - I take 40mg- I just went without for two weeks and noticed it does help with the crying at everything, But a month before I was wondering what good they do as I was still experiencing great sadness and suicidal thoughts.
I do have a appt with my PCP on Wed..hopefully I'll remeber to ask about it.
This is my first experience with an SSRI so not quite sure what it is supposed to do.
I also have a therapist.
Lexapro Has Been A Horrible Med For Me,it Has Made Me Much Worse With Anxiety,im About To Get Off This Horrid!
I hated it! The doctor switched me from Zoloft to Lexapro about a year ago because the Zoloft was making me so tired, but it was a big mistake. :nono: We thought it would work well for me because my mom is doing wonderfully on it for her depression, but it did absolutely nothing for me. I think this might be because, as of yet, it hasn't been officially approved for the treatment of OCD. Lexapro also made me sleep too much, even more than Zoloft. :yawn: I also felt totally apathetic on it, as if I was depressed, which is ironic because it's supposed to be an antidepressant! I'm so glad I'm back on Zoloft! I'll never go back to Lexapro again!
HI, I take Lexapro, and a while back I tried to stop taking it... I thought I didn't need it anymore. I really started having a hard time. Apparently I forgot what it was like without it. I was worried about everything ALL THE TIME. Couldn't sleep, felt guilty for no reason....... I am back on it now, 20mg, and remembering what it was like without it, I don't plan on trying to get off of it any time soon. I think sometimes we don't realize how much it is helping unless we stop taking it.

Oh my gosh, FINALLY! People who know how I FEEL! I feel so alone, someone help me!

Okay, first off, I believe that, depending on the person, mixing SSRI's is a bad idea. I am currently switching over to Zoloft (low risk of sexual side effects) from Lexapro.

Yes, I've tried going off of Lexapro for 2 weeks, when only taking that one med, and my sex drive CAME BACK! I couldn't stop being aroused, it was WONDERFUL! However, I had a lot of crying fits about EVERYTHING, which drove me, and everyone else around me, nuts.

Lexpro, on its own, treated my OCD very well - hardly ANY symptoms. However, I felt like a numb robot! No sexual drive - everything was desensitized. I felt empty, in every sense of the word.

I'm hoping Zoloft will be better as far as havbing sensitivity to nerve-endings is concerned, but I'll see if it treats my OCD just as well as Lexapro. I just hope I feel like I'm sane again. I feel so alone and like no one cares - even when my boyfriend and friends are there for me! I feel useless. I would love to talk to you guys, who know what I'm going through. {REMOVED} Chat me up! I have trouble making friends, and this seems like the perfect opportunity! Thanks!
'Ya know I've heard some good things about lexapro, but, I, being very
sexually oreinted, that's why I 'tapered' off EffexorXR, seem to remember
that lexapro has some negative sexual side effects, also!
Doesn't lexapro have some negative sexual dysfunction?
I was on Lexapro for several weeks, and wasn't feeling any better. If anything it made me feel worse. Then one day I had a severe attack, but never had one before. Long story short, I ended up in the emergency room to find out my body has an adverse reaction to SSRI medications. You might want to check with your doctor about and alternative. I didn't gain weight as I didn't feel like eating the whole time I was on the medication
Quote from Bell99:
Wow guys what Mil. did you start at?
I asked to up mine and My Psychiatrist said NO Less is Better?
I am going to my regular Dr. Tues. to ask her to up me.
The therapist isn't helping me at all. Bascially I go he asks how I;'m doing and gives me sample packs of the Lex.
I keep asking him to just write a script but he insist on me coming back.
I think it's a scam to keep getting that co pay and insurance payment.
The 10 is helping with anxiety and depression but I also have agoraphobia and still don't want to go too far from home.

Before I started taking Lexapro, I was having some major panic attacks in which I thought I was having a heart attack. After tons of tests, I finally figured out I was having anxiety/panic attacks and anytime I went out, I believe Agoraphobia kicked in. (My mom was Agoraphobic)

Before I started taking Lexapro, I decided to go out to Target and bring one on! After about 2 minutes in the store, I had to get out of there! I stood my ground, walked to the back of the store, walked along the far walls of the store, walked around the store 3x and... I still felt like I had to get out of there but I felt good that I was fighting it.

10 Mg of Lexapro definately did the trick but I was still having anxiety attacks from time to time. My doc put me on 20mgs and for the most part, I've been great. Maybe once or twice a month I have a small attack that I recognize and can ignore.

Hey Bell99 I just loved that last one-I walked into Target and brought one on! I love it! That takes alot of courage. If Lexapro is the one for me I might just have to walk into Walmart and bring it on! Thanks Jules
Oh Lord, Walmart is the worst isn't it? I have never had one in Target YET and knock on wood. My big triggers are cars and driving and going far from home. I am about 89% better on Lexapro. Like all of us I am a work in progress.
Bringing it on... :-) I just got tired of going to the supermarket, for a walk around the block, going for a car ride and feeling that *feeling*. I can't even describe the feeling but it was like I wasn't me.

I had to face the demons and gosh, it felt good to come home that night and relax. Forcing yourself to go through the panic/anxiety is really tough! but atleast I felt like I was in control.

Thanks Lexapro! (I sound like a commercial)