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Yup, it was really bad, but thank God it's getting better! I seemed to be the worst when I was on 50-75 mg last year. I'm not a sleeper, naturally. I'm the type of person who can go to bed at one in the morning, get up at six, and go the whole day- I actually did this on Tuesday. I hate to sleep, so when the medicine started making me like a zombie a year after I started taking it, life wasn't good. I didn't feel like me, and the medicine made me depressed (I'm using it for OCD, by the way, and I don't have depression). Now, I'm on 150 mg- I'm upping to 200 mg next week so I can start CBT- and I'm, amazingly, feeling like my old self, despite the much higher dosage. I was going to try taking it at night, but since I have such strange sleeping habits, this wasn't an option. I usually fall asleep every night with my glasses and bedroom light on, and while on the Zoloft, it was impossible to control my sleeping. I would literally get home from school at three, sleep until five thirty, be up until eight-ish, then sleep until morning. This, of course, was hell for doing homework, and I'd have to wake up at five in order to have my homework done by seven. So, I continued taking it in the morning. If your doctor suggested taking Zoloft at night, I'd give it a try. It might work for someone with normal sleeping habits. Still, I learned my lesson- I switched to Lexapro, which not only made me even more tired, but did absolutely nothing for the OCD to boot! I love Zoloft- I felt a difference the first day I took it, but I wouldn't advise switching to something else if Zoloft seems to work for your anxiety. I look at it this way: which would I rather have, chronic fatigue or obsessions? I'll take the fatigue anytime! LOL! ;)
Been on 100 mg zoloft for 4 yrs. Originally I switched to celexa because zoloft was making me tired but then went back to zoloft because celexa stopped working. I understand lexapro is better than celexa. You'll probably get used to it after a few months, though I do feel a little tired, it hasn't bothered me so much as to stop taking it. I haven't tried taking it at night because I don't feel tired just after taking it. Prozac was definitely more zippy (drove me crazy), Paxil was like taking sedatives.

P.S. Zoloft is notorious for causing weight gain!!!