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I hear ya not only on the anxiety but the migraines!
I had (and still do occasionally) Severe migraines. I am talking knock down I want to die migraines that lasted up to 3 days at a time.
Here is what saved me.... Beta Blockers and Magnesium. Now it took a while before they cut back it's been a year and a half. Not only are the beta blockers good for migraines but the HB and Anxiety. I take Inderal LA 80 mg at night. Magnesium every day too.
For the anxiety I take Lexapro and it's been a life saver :bouncing: First two weeks were rough and the anxiety got worse but it was smooth sailing after those first two weeks.
When I do get a migraine which is rare now I take Amerge Perscription only.
As far as natural remedies for anxiety , Yoga, Exercise and breathing exercises are all good. :wave: