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i just started taking lexapro 10mg 11 days ago, i have experienced several side effects and i was wondering if anyone else has experienced what i have. for the first week i was extremely anxious and nervous, i couldnt sit still and the insomia was terrible, so i have been taking lorazepam at night to sleep, but still wake up several times. my pupils have been dilated the whole time taking this medication, is this normal? i have no appetite and food just tastes bad to me. but aside of those side effects, the part that bothers me the most, is feeling very spacey and forgetful, its not like me to be like that, i start school soon, and i wonder if this will go away. i have tried other ad's
and this is the longest i have been on one. but i still cry everyday. any suggestions? please help :bouncing:
[QUOTE]but i still cry everyday. any suggestions?

Hi there :wave:

It can take up to a month to work. I take 20mg twice a day and it has helped with the crying thing. I dont have any of the other side effects you talked about. I had a stroke a year ago and I was all ready slightly spacey and forgetful - so truly I dont know if that's the Lexapro or not.

i've taken 5mg/day for a week after three weeks of celexa 10mg/day. all kinds of side effects with both but at least the celexa gave me warm fuzzies and no interest in crying. no such feeling with lexapro (and still anxious and spacy) and i don't know why the difference -- aren't they supposed to be similar? then again, if they're similar, i'm not sure why my doc changed me over from celexa to lexapro.

not sure how long to take this one til i give up and try another. but i guess several weeks is worth a shot.
I have been on lexapro for 3 weeks now, just strating to feel better, side effects have subsided some what. good luck, keep me posted