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Marirose, if you read this, I agreed with you we should start a new thread. We were a little off topic, but it seems weight gain is a big concern for a lot of people. I guess for me, it's not just the weight gain, but a lot of the side effects. Sometimes, though, my panic gets so bad that I don't care how much weight I gained as long as something helped. Alprazolam has worked so well for me. I would like to get by on just that, or something like the klonopin you mentioned and exercise if possible. I think I might would feel better in general. The best ad I've taken for my anxiety/panic is lexapro...it had a sedating effect for me, but I was just SO tired all the time. I guess if my dr. said I couldn't take a benzo, I might would want to go back to that. This effexor is okay, nothing great so far. Awhile back, my dr. said we could try xanax xr if we were just treating the panic, but I've read that doesn't work so well. Comments from anyone welcome!