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I was diagnosed with Panic Disorder when I was 24-25 back in 1997. I know they started at least in college prior to that and probably before when I was in high school. After I graduated college things got pretty bad with stomach issues that were diagnosed as IBS and then depression and then Panic which was the underlying cause of most all of it. I tried different meds... Xanax at first as I was put on Prozac, could not tolerate, then Remeron which seemed to work at the exepnse of big time weight gain and loss of sexual appetite all together. After 6 months and wanting to be less heavy and have sexual feelings, I was put on Serzone which when we found the right dosage did the trick, for 6 years. During that time my stomach problems cleared up, I felt better and led a great life which I still reap the benefits of today.

Stopped Serzone in 2003 and was fine for 1 year. Now the stomach problems and all the same signs of Anxiety and Panic have resurfaced, especially when I am researching every known pain or tingle online.

My question is should I go back on something permanent or keep these new symptoms at bay with only Xanax? It seems like I can go for weeks feeling fine, then a bad week. I know my Doc. will put me back on the generic Serzone but I will then have in the back of my head the Black Box warnings so prevelent now for that med. Tried Lexapro for 2 days and stopped because of awful headaches and nausea.

Thoughts? Advice? Regards.