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Just wanted to give an update....the medication he's on (Lexapro) seems to be working really well for him, aside from the fact that it makes him tired. We hung out for a while tonight and I can see such a change in him so that makes me really happy for him. Things could very well change over the next few days but it's nice to see the outgoing, happy guy I've always known. :)
Hi BostonGirl44,

I am glad that your boyfriend is feeling lots better. Could you tell me how long he has been on the Lexapro and do you know what dose he is on (10mg or 20mg)? I have only been on it for awhile and could always use more info.

Thanks for any help you can give and I hope your relationship blooms! Wannabe
Hi ToBeFree,

Thanks, I'm glad he's feeling a lot better too. :) He was on Lexapro a few years ago (before I knew him) and went off for a couple years until he went back on it last week. I believe he's taking 10mg. He told me that it's always seemed to work well for him, except for the being tired part. I didn't want to pry too much about the medication because I figured he'd tell me what he wanted so I plan to look up stuff to learn more about it. How long have you been on it? Can I ask, do you have any side effects? Thanks! :)